in Massif du Sancy - Auvergne

There are places which echo within you, which speak magic and poetry to your soul, where you feel whole everytime you go: for me, this little piece of old volcano deep inside of my beloved Auvergne is that very kind of places. Since I came here for the first time some years ago, I visited again several times and saw these majestic landscapes in different dresses according to the season, mostly in summer and winter gown. But I never had yet the occasion to go during autumn. So last autumn I decided to bring my boyfriend there for the first time, on the first week of October, for a little car trip between ancient lakes, deep pine trees forests and winding mountain roads.

Lac de Servières, Auvergne, France

We first stopped to wander around a small volcanic lake that is located more than 1200 meters high. This lake holds its almost perfect circular shape from the ancient crater of a volcano. For me, this place always feels a little bit “out of time”: everything always seems quiet, silent and still. The water especially, always perfectly reflects the surrounding trees and the clouds and mood of the day. This day, the grass, leaves and moss had begun to fade from green to different hues of yellow, orange and red.

“La grande cascade” du Mont Dore, Auvergne, France

Lac de Servières, Auvergne, France.

When we visited the lake I mentioned above, we were lucky enough to witness one of the most magical sunsets I’ve been able to see yet. As we were walking around the lake, the weather and the light started to change. This is one of the things that I love most about the part of France where I come from, the Auvergne area: we are always gifted with a very special and beautiful light, no matter which season or time of the year. This particular day everything seemed to be bathed in a solft, golden, eerie light. The whole place was bustling with warm, autumnal colours. This moment has since turned into a very special memory that is very dear to me.

And then, the final adventure: the ascent of the highest summit of the Auvergne area and even of central France, a 1886 meters high old volcano. This place never fails to amaze me, with its round and harmonious shapes that suddenly turn into sharp rocky peaks. This landscape has never really felt like it’s part of this world, but more like something foreign or alien, something old, ancient, mighty and mysterious. In this season especially, as the heather is coloured in various hues of orange and red, it brings the Scottish Highlands to mind. And it’s not only because of the similarity of the landscape, but also and foremost about the special feel there is about it: the one of a land of legends, of stories and tales, of sparkling magic, of poignant and incredible beauty.

Oh, how proud I am to call this place home. It inspires me, transports me, shapes me, and even in a way, created me.

AUTUMN GETAWAY in Massif du Sancy - Auvergne

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